Fancy meeting you here. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting my site and my adventures

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My Story in a nutshell...

Hi, I'm Lina Giraffe and I enjoy leaving the African bush to see the world and take pictures of everything I see. I enjoy sharing my pictures and experiences with you. Welcome to my photo album. 


My love for traveling started when I saw people came to visit my home and I became curious to see theirs.

You will not see a lot of museums as most of them don't allow Giraffes inside. Don't feel bad for me since I'm not that kind of animal anyway. 

Every now and then you might see a picture or two that's not quite perfect or I'm not 100% sure where it was (my driver is somewhat of a maniac and from time to time I have to take the picture on the 'fly-by'). 

I'm not going to write a book about every picture. It's very hard to type with hooves and a picture says more than a 1000 words anyway. 

Hope you enjoy the journey with me.


I always love to hear from people around the world.